How Exactly Does SEO Work?

SEOSo I was puzzled about search engines optimisation (SEO). So I did the research so you don’t have to. At one point in time, I had no idea what SEO means or what it meant for small businesses and SMEs. What I did know was that if you wanted to have a business online, you would need to know about SEO. Search engines, I found, had four basic functions. And if you could master these four aspects of SEOs, you could get really good at it. These four functions are:

  • Crawling Web Pages
  • Indexing
  • Computing relevancy and ranking algorithms
  • Serving search results

Not that you should understand what SEO means by understanding these four functions immediately. Heck I was unsure of any of the terms stated above when I started. These functions are keywords for you to read up and understand more about search engines. That’s how I got started and I read as much as I could about search engines.

In the following paragraph, I will highlight each of the functions of search engines so you can get a better idea of how SEO works and how you can start doing SEO for yourself.

Understanding SEO functions

1. Crawling web pages:
Webpages and network of locations on the internet. Each web page represents and address in the big city called the internet. So how do people get around in this city? In the city people use bus and cars and public transport. On the internet, links are how people get from web pages to web pages. Search engines crawl the web via these links via spiders and gives value to each link. As we will talk about later, links play an important role in ranking algorithms.

2. Indexing
As spiders craw the web using links, search engines creates a small copy of each page and stores it in it’s index. Indexes and small pieces of information that can be scanned through easily and quickly. Many people are unaware that when they search using search engines, they are actually searching the indexes and not actual web pages. This is how search engines are able to give search results in milli seconds. Indexes make this search process super fast.

3. Relevance and Ranking
Relevance and importance of web pages and determined when spiders crawl the web. When a person is searching for something online. Google has to rank its indexes when it serves it to the users. It has to determine whether a web page has got to do with the term the use is searching for, after which it has to rank them according to importance. Remember how we mentioned links are part of the algorithms for search engines? Well this is were links come in. The more and better the links of a web page, the higher it will rank in the search engines.

How to Not Disappoint with Corporate Gifts

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